Do You Know Where Your Forks Are? LaserForks Does.

Choose the forklift laser tine guide that is effective, economical and manufactured in the United States. LaserForks are ideal for warehouse and industrial environments. Choose LaserForks for precision, versatility and safety. This is the laser tine guide you need.

LaserForks has a proven track record, just ask our clients about the most important issues related to accuracy in forklift operation:


There is No Comparison

  • “I know where my forks are all the time; LaserForks removes the guesswork.”

Save Time & Money

  • “We move faster safely since installing LaserForks on our forklifts.”

Reduce Product Damage

  • “There’s no more spearing pallets and dropping products thinking you know
    where your forks are.”

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$399.00 Plus Shipping

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