Installation Overview

To begin using this product you will need to get it ready for installation, before installing it onto your forklift.

To get it ready, please do the following steps;

  1. Remove unit from package (please recycle the 100% recyclable packaging products)
  2. The following parts should have come inside the package…
  3. Main aluminum LaserForks unit
  4. Box with battery charger inside including power cord for 110 volt AC
  5. Instruction Sheet (what you are reading now)
    1. Do not plug the battery connector in until later in the instructions, so the laser does not come on with movement, so the beam does not accidentally shine at you or anyone else.



  1. Using a tape measure, measure the length of the back base plate where the LaserForks unit will be mounting. Make sure you measure from the bottom edge to the top span requirement (to where brackets can make contact)
  2. Using a tape measure and wrench, adjust the slider bar up or down to lengthen as needed to fit on back base plate.
  1. Mount the adjusted LaserForks unit onto your base plate by putting on its side first, for checking location position
  • NOTE: The laser on the bottom of the LaserForks unit should be approximately halfway centered on the thickness of the tine/fork blade (about 2 inches below the bottom base plate (see picture)  The unit is movable/repositionable after mounting it, and you will probably have to move it a little to align laser with actual thickness of fork/tine.
  • Go ahead and peel back the black Velcro strip on top of the laser housing, and plug the battery connect together, this will turn on the laser and when the LaserForks unit is moved it will turn itself on.


  1. To align laser to tips, move the LaserForks unit up or down to correctly position the laser fan shaped beam, so it is straight horizontally and as shown in the picture.
  2. If the laser beam is angling up or down and is not horizontal, you can make adjustments by loosening the screws to the laser housing block and change the angle of the laser beam to make it horizontal/flat. If you move tilted downward, it angles the laser more downward, and likewise if you tilt it more up the laser tilts more upward.



  1.  You do not need to remove the LaserForks unit from the forklift, simply open one side of the black Velcro cover on the unit.
  2. Disconnect the plug to the battery and remove the battery from the unit, and reattach the Velcro cover.  *(you can still use your forklift, just not the LaserForks unit)
  3. Connect the battery to the charger, and the charger will need to plug into a 110 volt outlet.  (* NOTE: please make sure that the battery charger is set to the 3.7 volt switch setting)
  4. The charger light will be red while it is charging, once it turns green or off, the battery is fully charged.

Sometimes one of your forklift forks will be bent, and not align with the other fork (the tip of one will be lower than the other one) The best thing to do is to try to balance the laser beam between them by turning the LaserForks unit at an angle to accomplish this. (if you offset the laser the wrong way, the laser beam will get even more crooked, just turn it the other way to correct).  Or you can just leave LaserForks unit straight and balance up & down between the 2 forks/tines.

** REMEMBER – this LaserForks unit needs movement to turn itself on, and it will stay on unless 4 minutes of non-movement occurs, then the unit will turn itself off, until movement is detected again.  This will allow your battery to last as long as possible between charging.

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