Why LaserForks?

LaserForks is a device used for forklift height detection, so you know where your fork tips are.

We utilize a fork laser to easily show a laser horizontal line beam of red light, which shows you precisely where fork tips are, and most importantly, where they are going.

The laser shows the position of the fork tips relative to the load to be picked up.  The laser is a horizontal line laser, that shows about 60” wide, for easy visibility by the forklift driver.

It also increases the safety of forklifts, by using the fork tip lasers to illuminate where the forks will go, and where the forks laser is.

It increases safety to products and pallet racking, by the laser showing the driver where the forks are and if they are positioned correctly, and in-line with the pallets slots.  So the driver knows where the forks need to be, eliminating product Damage from the forks.